12-Credit 100% Online Graduate Certificate Focused on Arts Management

Looking to take on a management or leadership role in your arts or cultural community? Already working on the management side of a cultural arts organization, but tired of learning by trial and error? Are you interested in tapping into a different side of your creative self?

Great news! You're in the right place at the right time. The fact is, many arts and cultural organizations are run by individuals with few real skills in managing the business side of the arts. This vacuum fuels demand for skilled professionals who understand how to manage the marketing, financial, fundraising, and legal side of running a visual, cultural, or performing arts organization.

Arts Leadership and Management Education: That's where you come in.

If you're an artist, performer, or musician interested in securing a career as part of an arts administrative team, you can turn your creative vocation into a highly successful long-term career—without giving up what you love to do. The University of Connecticut's (UConn) 12-credit, four course Arts Leadership and Cultural Management Online Graduate Certificate provides the skills and knowledge you need to competently manage virtually any type of arts organization from day one. This 100% online program is also ideal for anyone serving on a board of directors for an arts organization and looking to better understand how to effectively participate in its governance.

At the completion of this comprehensive online certificate program, students will:

  • Be ready to apply marketing principles to the arts environment. Topics include unique value propositions, competitive analysis, audience retention, media planning, and campaign assessment.
  • Develop a working knowledge of financial accounting. Topics include cash vs. accrual accounting, assets and liabilities, non-cash expenses, fund accounting, statement activity, and statement of financial position.
  • Be able to identify trends in philanthropic activity and create a fundraising plan for a professional arts organization. Topics will include: the development cycle, research, mission-based funding, and new media in fundraising.
  • Understand the structure and nature of arts organizations from the legal, philosophical, and community service aspects. Topics will include: artist-led institutions, organizational management structures, conflict resolution, and problem solving techniques.

Credits earned in the Arts Leadership & Cultural Management Online Graduate Certificate may be transferable to Master of Fine Arts in Arts Leadership & Cultural Management.

We are currently accepting applications for the fall 2022 semester. The application deadline is Friday, June 17, 11:59 p.m. EST. Apply now to avoid last minute processing delays.

Applications are accepted on a rolling admissions basis.

Please submit application materials no later than:
November 5: Spring Semester

March 26: Summer Semester

June 17: Fall Semester

Days Until Application Deadline
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What They Are Saying

UConn Online Arts Administration, Isabel-Tipton, Graduate and StudentGetting Down to Business
Isabel Tipton
“I think the program is useful no matter what size of an organization you work for, whether you wear many hats, or you’re like me and primarily have one area of responsibility. We learned about every aspect of how to run an arts organization successfully. It really delivers the brass tacks of what you need to know.” ... READ MORE

UConn Online Graduate Certificate in Arts Leadership & Cultural ManagementLearning the Business Side of the Arts
Joy Pace
"Arts Administration allows you to use both sides of your brain and to capitalize on the skills you already have as an artist or performer. I am very proud to have earned the certificate and grateful for all the support and encouragement I received from Frank Mack and my other UConn professors."... READ MORE

UConn Online Graduate Certificate in Arts Leadership & Cultural Management: Daniel Brandl, Graduate and StudentOrchestrating a New Career
Daniel Brandl
"My art is still my focal point—I may not be playing or teaching as much now, but I am working towards the greater goal of fostering arts in our community, thanks to the Arts Administration online graduate certificate program." ... READ MORE