About Arts Leadership Online Graduate Certificate

UConn Online Arts Management and Cultural Management Graduate CertificateThe UConn Arts Leadership and Cultural Management Online Graduate Certificate covers the fields of Dance Administration, Theatre Administration, Orchestra Administration, Visual Arts Administration, Performing Arts Administration, and Symphony Administration. The four courses in the program emphasize the critical areas of governance/leadership, budgeting/finance, fundraising, and marketing. The goal of the curriculum is to provide a deep conceptual context for the work of arts organizations coupled with practical classroom training in an active online learning environment.

The program incorporates case studies, group work, project-based assignments, and guest lecturers that bring real-world knowledge to the classroom. In addition, our faculty members have worked for years in different capacities as arts administrators and will share their personal stories that showcase how they resolved specific challenges, turning failures into successes.

• The certificate can be completed in one year.
• Classes are non-sequential. You can take them in any order you wish.
• Individual classes can be taken if you are seeking advanced training in one area of specialization. Learn how to take a single class HERE.