Who should apply to UConn’s Arts Leadership Certificate?

If you currently work in an arts organization and need to elevate your skills in order to advance your career: Earning the certificate prepares you for a leadership role in virtually any type of not-for-profit arts organization. Types of managerial positions include:

UConn Arts Leadership and Cultural Management Graduate Certificate• Managing Director
• Executive Director
• Marketing Director
• Communications Director
• Development Director
• Education Director
• Box or Sales Office Manager
• Membership Director
• Gallery Manager
• Assistant Curator or Registrar

If you are a freelance artist, musician, or performer: Earning the certificate will enable you to strengthen your skills as an independent artist. If you want to continue working on your own, the certificate will help you more effectively value, market, and sell your own work. If you are planning to start a galley, establish a new performing arts group, or other type of arts organization, you'll better understand all facets of the business and how to: capitalize on the strengths of your board of directors; develop and read financial statements; take full advantage of free communications vehicles such as social media and public relations to promote your organization; manage the legal and insurance aspects of running your business; among many other skills.

If you are on a board of directors for an arts organization or a volunteer: Earning the certificate will help you better understand how an arts organization functions and how you can best support its mission.