Online Arts Management Courses

The Arts Leadership and Cultural Management Online Graduate Certificate is comprised of four required asynchronously delivered courses (12-credits in total) that are offered in the semesters listed below.

Fall Spring
DRAM 5120 - Financial Management for the Arts X
DRAM 5121 - Governance & Leadership in the Arts X
DRAM 5122 - Fundraising & Development for the Arts X
DRAM 5123 - Marketing the Arts X

DRAM 5120 - Financial Management for the Arts

An introduction to key elements of nonprofit financial management in the arts, including basic accounting, financial statement analysis, and budgeting. Using current articles, reference texts, and business cases, students will develop an understanding of nonprofit accounting and will follow daily transactions through to the financial statements. The relationships between budgeting, financial reporting, and financial statements will be explored using readings and case studies.

DRAM 5121 - Governance and Leadership in the Arts

This course will provide instruction in basic concepts of governance and leadership of non-profit arts organizations. Leading non-profit arts organizations is a demanding and highly sophisticated endeavor for board members, staff and other supporters who often include civic, political and business leaders within the community. Leaders of arts organizations with governance responsibilities typically devote far more time, effort and personal energy than they often initially expect in order for such organizations to survive, let alone thrive, in what is typically an extremely financially challenging situation, further complicated, in many cases, by not just competitive but sometimes hostile external factors. This course will provide students with a variety of skills and specific techniques to address these challenges.

DRAM 5122 - Fundraising and Development for the Arts

This course will introduce students to best practices in development and fundraising as they relate to professional arts organizations. The course will begin by investigating the history of philanthropic giving in the United States and how such giving has impacted the development of contemporary professional arts organizations. The course will further explore the role of fund development and fund raising in the business practices and strategic decision making for arts organizations. It will also examine a variety of methods of inquiry into the obstacles (both internal and external) that organizations face in effective fund development. The course will be wide-ranging in approach - examining ways to raise funds from government, foundation, corporate, and individual sources. As such, it is intended to assist individuals wanting to pursue careers in development or to advance existing careers.

DRAM 5123 - Marketing the Arts

This course will build knowledge of marketing theories, approaches, and methodologies that are used across all industries and then highlight their application for the arts. The course will develop an understanding of the following areas:

  1. Analysis of the Competitive Environment
  2. Developing Audience Insight and Segmentation
  3. Positioning and Targeting a Unique Value Proposition
  4. Developing and Delivering the Unique Value Proposition
  5. Evaluating the Performance of Techniques